Cross-border shipping services across North America

Trans-Pro’s cross-border solutions for international shipping allow you to extend your North American supply chain through Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

We know the challenges posed by cross-border logistics — dealing with customs, handling documentation, certification, coordinating different carriers, etc. — and we’ve sharpened our expertise to meet those challenges.

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Logistics solutions that defy borders

With an office in Querétaro, along with decades-long relationships in Mexico, Trans-Pro is your best option for US-Mexico shipping. We’re able to remove any roadblock so your freight moves trouble-free.

We pride ourselves on our proven ability to provide our clients with turnkey cross-border shipping solutions that work for them and their business.

Full truckload

When you ship internationally using our FTL service, we’ll work together to develop a specific agenda, ensure all permit requirements are satisfied, and identify any need for escorts and surveys to secure you the best route across borders.

Benefit from our extensive experience shipping FTL freight across international borders to make your supply chain more dynamic.

Less than truckload

For shipments of 12 pallets or less, we help you choose the LTL equipment that will meet your needs: dry van, reefer, open-deck, or oversize, as well as the route and transit time that works best for your supply chain. Add the flexibility of LTL shipping to your international shipments.


Our intermodal service is a great way to ship across borders reliably and cost effectively. We handle compliance requirements so you don’t have to get bogged down in the details.

How does our cross-border service work?

Trans-Pro leverages longstanding ties with our trusted carrier network to get the best equipment and the best rate for you. Our team’s deep regional and regulatory expertise mean we find you the optimal route and take care of any obstacles, including customs compliance. Partnering with Trans-Pro for your cross-border shipping needs means that you’ll be able to ship international deliveries securely, quickly, and affordably.

Need cross-border logistics solutions?

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If you want to grow your supply chain with cross-border shipping, now is the time to get in touch with Trans-Pro. Someone from our team will get back to you without delay — usually within 60 minutes.

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